About Us

Sourisseau & Co. is a boutique commercial and general civil litigation firm located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. We advise commercial clients and individuals who are involved in either business-related litigation or general civil litigation. In each case, our goal is to achieve a resolution that meets that particular client’s needs. If a negotiated solution is possible, that is usually desirable.  However, when litigation is required, we have the experience to provide seasoned representation at trial or on appeal.

If you are considering retaining us – talk to us. We are always prepared to meet with prospective clients without obligation. Litigation can be expensive and is inherently uncertain; we’re happy to discuss your particular case and potential costs up front. When you need litigation counsel, it is important for you to be confident that the lawyer you choose is going to give you the best chance to achieve the best possible result; our experience and track record can give you that confidence.

For 25 years, Georges Sourisseau, the firm’s founder, has appeared regularly in the BC Supreme Court and the BC Court of Appeal, as well as conducting numerous mediations and arbitrations. Read more about our lawyers.